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Blockchain technology is pioneering every aspect of our future into a greater direction. Through security and transparency, blockchain continues to challenge any dishonesty in the community.

Applications are not much different from Decentralized Apps as they are built on code, but the better system of governance and storage steps in when blockchain does. The technology acts as a digital ledger, not controlled by a central entity, which stores information that cannot be altered. The incorruptible storage of information in the gaming world offers users a sure way of storing their progressing details as well as any in-game collectibles they may have acquired. Blockchain technology also offers instant transference of information and money, which allows a blockchain game or DApp user to trade currency for in-game tokens almost instantly. These are just some of the benefits blockchain enables in the era of digital living, but let's take a look at some cool options available in this blockchain game and DApp list:


Polling on blockchain technology. Lumenos is rewarding users for the information and opinions through their decentralized application which boasts of transparency and security. Users are rewarded in points for answering questions that third-party advertising companies may want, giving people back the power over their personal data. Their mission statement, also available on their website, reads:

"Our decentralized system empowers you to take full control of your data. We believe the only person who should decide what to do with your personal information … is you."


Freelance on blockchain. Ethlance offers the cryptocurrency community the opportunity to earn Ethereum for their freelance work. All data and payment transfers are automatic, and also safely secured through encryption. Ethlances main appeal is their "no-cut" service fees which sees freelancers earning the full amount they're paid opposed to other places which could take up to 40%.

Hash Rush:

Play2Earn on blockchain. The fantasy game is set in the 'Hermeian Galaxy' where gamers must find, build, trade and fight their way to victory and grow their mining colony. The aim of the game is to grow your colony and mine Crypto Crystals which can be exchanged for Ethereum, in-game items and other bonus prizes. All user information and progress is stored via blockchain.


Code your own blockchain game. This feature on our DApp list sees CryptoZombies offering the community the opportunity to learn coding by building a blockchain game. They offer their courses for free as well as a variety of development tools, their mission is clearly stated on their website:

"We think blockchains are capable of a lot more than just payments, and we want to get more developers thinking outside the box and trying to build large-scale DApps. Games are one of the areas where we think blockchain will really revolutionize things."


Crypto news at your fingertips. CryptoWake is a 'DApp' of sorts as it lets users adjust their clock and front screen format as well as offering users a constant stream of useful cryptocurrency information such as Crypto Coin Prices, Crypto Wallet Observers, Crypto Miners Statistics and Global Stock Market Indices.

Some other noted mentions are The Sandbox, World of Ether and Reality Clash. CryptoKitties was one of the first blockchain games to hit the mainstream. The purchase, sale and breeding of digital cats still makes this game a leader even two years after its launch and peak.

We hope this blockchain game and DApp list was helpful in directing you to a unique entry point into the market. Most games or DApp developments accept payment in Bitcoin as a way of exchanging value for their game token.

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