It is now possible to send Bitcoins via WhatsApp

The much-awaited technological advancement is now a reality! There has been a growing need for social media users to be able to carry out online transactions using digital currencies without having to exit their social media account and login into an exchange or blockchain network. 

And again, Bitcoin was included in the list of the first crypto coins to be used in this new technological achievement! The other crypto coin is Litecoin and many more may follow.

Who is behind this success?

The achievement was a project of Zulu Republic, which is a blockchain ecosystem comprising of tools and platforms for people, organizations, and businesses. Zulu is home to Lite.IM and LiteVault. 

The breakthrough of sending Bitcoins using WhatsApp was specifically launched using the Lite.IM and announced on April 19, 2019, via a twitter post by the Zulu Republic.

Lite.IM aims at making cryptocurrencies accessible to the entire world through SMS and instant messaging. LiteVault, on the other hand, is an online wallet for Litecoin; no wonder Litecoin is one of the crypto coins included in the project.

How does it work?

It almost sounds like a dream! Who thought that it would really happen? Sending crypto coins like a message without requiring the long processes involved in crypto exchange platforms.

All you have to do is install the WhatsApp bot and then follow the prompts that appear on your screen. Apart from sending and receiving Bitcoins (BTC) and Litecoins (LTC), you can select your default language and then select your default coin. The languages that are currently available are English and Spanish. After that, you only have to set your preferred password and you are good to start.

There is a referral program that allows users to also earn BTC and LTC by referring friends. 

Impact to Bitcoin and entire crypto world

WhatsApp is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Billions of people use the application to communicate every second. Actually, millions of businesses are being run using WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp also provides a great platform where sellers can showcase their products to customers for buying.

By taking advantage of the large WhatsApp user base, Bitcoin, Litecoin and the entire cryptocurrency community could be easily adopted by a majority.

The simplicity brought by this development is just amazing. Even the less tech-savvy people can transact using cryptocurrencies. You just have to know how to operate a smartphone and have a basic understanding of either of the languages (English or Spanish).

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