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7 helpful crypto extensions you can use while browsing

Google Chrome is one of the top used web browsers, offering a variety of customizable tools and access to an infinite stream of information. As the world keeps growing, learning more and better, more opportunities become available thanks to the IoT. The digital world has seen drastic growth over the years, implementing marketplaces, social platforms and more. Bitcoin is one of the revolutions to come from the revolution of the internet. BTC was the first mainstream cryptocurrency to be backed by blockchain, a technology ensuring transparency, security, and speed. The benefits of blockchain have been a key aspect behind the growth of the crypto community; with that growth comes more demand and thus more supply.

Entrepreneurial minds have come forward to offer community members more information through the use of a cryptocurrency browser extensions. This crypto extension list will primarily focus on Google Chrome, but it will include extensions available for Firefox and Opera too. From market supply data to identity safety, these are some crypto extensions the community has recommended:

CoinMarketCap Price Ticker:

The first on our crypto extension list is brought to us by a trusted market cap, trade volume and fiat value provider, CoinMarketCap. CoinMarketCap has always been known and admired by the community for its information inventiveness, offering users a place solely to learn, they have now gone further. The CoinMarketCape Price Ticker allows you to customize your Google tabs with cryptocurrency prices and other information. Choose your favorite five crypto tokens and start tracking them today.

Crypto Price Tracker:

Another price tracker on our crypto extension list, Crypto Price Tracker also offers live information on the price of up to six cryptocurrencies. The reason they've made our list is due to customizability. Crypto Price Tracker allows users to set alerts as well as favourite fiat conversion options. Set an automatic notification for whenever the price peaks or falls to your desired buy-in, and get instant information ensuring the best investment or trading opportunities.

AdBlock Plus:

Although not necessarily based on cryptocurrency, it's important to keep your information safe. Aside from blocking ads, AdBlock Plus avoids viruses and stops tracking scripts. Cryptocurrency users, especially those with a strong online identity, should take extra precautions in ensuring the safety of themselves and their funds. Block malware and keep your data safe with AdBlock Plus, available for a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

No Coin:

Some websites and internet networks have been known for mining cryptocurrencies off computers without consent. They use your CPU to process and mine cryptocurrency. This could be the case for anyone but especially those who do not have the computing power or capital to do so. Your computer, your profits. Avoid external miners with No Coin, the Chrome extension that blocks miners from using your computer power.


Protect your online identity and private information by downloading the Cryptonite extension, the next generation of online security. Crypotnite started with the aim of protecting cryptocurrency users from malware and phishing scams, a backup layer to keeping your tokens and logins safe. Cryptonite also protects users against unconsented crypto mining, ransomware, and fake security verified "padlocks".


Get instant BTC news whenever you open a new Google tab with CryptoJunkie. The cryptocurrency browser extension boasts price tickers, crypto news, blockchain memes, trading tips, and community comments. Convert your Google homepage into a blockchain dashboard with CryptoJunkie. Stay updated on BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and more.

Conflict of Interest:

The last cryptocurrency browser extension on our list is not yet matured in protocol, but it did get a lot of community attention. Conflict of Interest is an extension hoping to combat bias social media influencers or misinformation among the industry. As seen by Rogers "BCH is BTC" debacle, it's important to know if the information being spread is out of passion or payout. The extension analyses Twitter profiles to see if they are 'pro' or 'anti' a certain currency and then displays its findings under their profile photos; every Tweet can then be judged accordingly. A unique and thought-provoking idea.

All of the above would make a great addition to your everyday browsing life, allowing you to learn more about cryptocurrency in a fun and safe way. It is recommended to review the product and its reviews before downloading any crypto browser extension, most should be available on the Chrome web store.

We hope this crypto extension list has helped you find more informative and unique ways of learning. Be sure to find more lists and stay updated on everything blockchain-related with Bitvalex.

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