US Judge Questions Craig Wright's Credibility after He Presented Forged Documents in Court

U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, who oversees the case between the Kleiman estate and Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, recently had said some harsh words about the latter. The judge slammed Wright for presenting forged documents in court and committing perjury. Judge Reinhart made the remarks during the ongoing litigation between the Kleiman estate and Wright about the so-called Tulip Trust. 

Wright's Credibility in Doubt

The honorable judge questioned Wright's credibility, pointing to the fact that Wright had presented forged evidence and lied in court in the past, and said he would not rely on any documents that Wright submitted. According to the judge, anyone with "word processing software and a pen" could create the documents that Wright was presenting. Therefore, the documents would not be used to test the credibility of any sworn statement given by Wright. For any statement by Wright to be deemed credible, he would need to be cross-examined on such statements, because he had committed perjury in the past before the same judge.

Orders from the Judge

According to an order issued by Judge Reinhart on March 9, 2019, Wright had to present a list of his BTC holdings before the court. However, Wright claimed he could not comply with the order since the list was held by a blind trust that was inaccessible to him. In his presentation before the court, he claimed that the list would only be availed to him in January 2020. 

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom gave Wright until February 3, 2020, to file a notice with the court on whether his bonded courier had provided him with the documents requested by the court. On January 6, 2020, Wright presented a document from a trust named the Tulip Trust III. After that, the plaintiffs and the judge requested several depositions to establish how Wright came into possession of the documents he claims came from the trust. However, Wright objected several times to these depositions, citing attorney-client privilege, since his bonded courier was a lawyer. Additionally, he cited spousal privilege.

According to Wright, his wife Ramona Watts was the Tulip Trust's trustee and the trust's counsel, Denis Mayaka, had given her the encrypted file in December 2019. Wright claimed that all communication between Watts and Mayaka was protected by law on account of attorney-client privilege.

However, the judge ruled that there was no proof of an attorney-client relationship between Mayaka and Watts. Moreover, the judge noted that there was no proof that Mayaka was the trust’s counsel at any time. Furthermore, the judge noted that Mayaka's role in the trust was different from that of the trust’s counsel. Consequently, he ruled that there was no attorney-client privilege between Wright and Mayaka.

A Request for Assistance from UK Courts

On the day of the hearing, the judge requested international judicial assistance from the UK High Court, specifically from the Senior Master of the Queen's Bench. This request is part of the concerns the judge has about the Kleiman estate's efforts to claim their fair share of the Tulip Trust. This trust is believed to contain over a million BTC, which was supposedly set up by Wright and Kleiman after they had allegedly invented Bitcoin.

About the Case

The Kleiman estate is suing Craig Wright, demanding half of the BTC he allegedly owns. Ira Kleiman claims that if Wright really is Satoshi Nakamoto, half of the Bitcoin he allegedly owns belongs to his brother David, who was Wright's business partner prior to his death. To date, Wright has never provided concrete proof that he is Nakamoto.

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