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These blockchain phones are pioneering the digital world

As cryptocurrency continues to revolutionize the financial sector, many other industries are following in the hopes of flourishing. Cryptocurrency was built on the basis of blockchain technology, enabling a global, faster, more secure and more transparent transfer system when cash and banks couldn't meet demand. But crypto didn't stop at Bitcoin, it continued to refine and redefine the space. As more cryptocurrency projects began to surface, entering mass and niche markets, the world began to recognize and understand the potential of blockchain. This digital ledger system boasts cloud storage, incorruptible information chains, and automated payments, on top of all the other benefits, making it a prime implementation aspect moving forward. The recently arising market of smartphones is also now adopting the innovation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. From Apple's crypto wallet to DApps, there are some brands taking blockchain phones to new all-time highs:

Pundi X BOB (Price: ~$599)

The Blok on Blok (BOB) blockchain phones were created by Pundi X, utilizing the Function X Blockchain to advance your digital experience. The Pundi X platform acts as a listing exchange, allowing much smaller cryptocurrency projects a place to be noticed, which has also organized a massive blockchain-powered music festival. Offering dual operating systems, an open-source network, and pure blockchain architecture, BOB is also completely customizable as you are shipped all the pieces to change the external look of your blockchain phone.

Sirin Labs Finney (Price: ~$999)

A flagship operation of Andriod, Sirin Labs created Finney to optimize crypto enthusiasts' lives. The phone features a built-in cybersecurity suite, crypto wallets, DApps, and a token conversion, making it a definite prime attraction to those using crypto on a daily basis. Another key aspect of the Finney is its hardware Safe Screen, which slides up and is used for crypto transactions authorized by your cold-storage Finney Wallet. Finney does have a lot, including soccer star Lionel Messi's support as a partner.

Samsung Galaxy S10 (Price: ~$999)

Although not fully blockchain-orientated, Samsung is a massive name in the smartphone industry and world, making any step forward a good one. The Samsung Galaxy S10 phones offer a built-in wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency tokens, including DApp currency such as Enjin Coin. If you're brand-loyal to Samsung but interested in blockchain too, then this may be the phone for you.

HTC Exodus 1S (Price: ~$244)

HTC has more than one blockchain-friendly phone, so be sure to take a look at them all. However, its recent Exodus 1 is completely blockchain-based and way cheaper than some of its counterparts. This smaller and more compact blockchain phone allows users to interact within the blockchain community as you buy, sell and store your cryptocurrency through their encrypted systems.

KlaytnPhone (Price: ~$1,000)

Another flagship project making cryptocurrency proud is the KlaytnPhone, which is operating with Samsung to secure and serve your digital life. These blockchain phones were first released in South Korea by Ground X, a South Korean Internet company subsidiary, as a spinoff of the Samsung S10 with optimized usability. The phones offer a digital wallet, Ethereum, and Bitcoin support, Samsung Blockchain Keystore, built-in DApps and 2000 Klay, the native blockchain cryptocurrency. The phone was originally limited to Korea but demand dictated it goes international.

These are a few of the blockchain phones currently available on the market. Their brands and tech specs are driving adoption even more, while simultaneously bettering our digital experiences. Blockchain technology hodls great potential in revolutionizing and innovating every industry in the world, as it is a synonym of speed and security. We're excited to see that even more sectors are optimizing their business models and protocols through blockchain.

We hope you will find our blockchain phone list helpful. Learn more about cryptocurrency and everything else blockchain-related with Bitvalex. Bitvalex is a licensed digital wallet and cryptocurrency exchange; sign up as we unlock more information and possibilities thanks to blockchain.

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