Our Security Practices

At Bitvalex, security is the core component in everything we do - in the concept, in the development and in the management of our trading platform.

We follow the most stringent industry standards and further build upon them with highly advanced technologies that are currently unmatched by our rivals. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee that Bitvalex’ user funds are safely stored and that all sensitive information is kept uncompromised, so that all clients enjoy care-free trading experience.


A number of security measures, employed on the Bitvalex platform, are presented below. Due to internal safety procedures using our proprietary technologies, we can only disclose a few of them.

Account Security

  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA), which adds an extra layer of security to each user’s account;
  • IP address monitoring tool to limit the possible access points to a minimum. User notification in case of any IP change;
  • Locking any trading and withdrawal activity in case of a detected security breach in a user’s account;
  • Advanced monitoring tools that track unusual activity based on a number of factors. If detected, withdrawals are only possible via manual confirmation by our authorized administrators;
  • 2FA-protected withdrawals;
  • All sensitive account and personal information is encrypted and isolated from all other systems and processes.


Fiat and Crypto Wallet Security

  • In-house next-level hybrid blockchain wallet management system that leverages the best of both centralized and decentralized worlds;
  • Different encrypted structural layers (servers), each of which handles its own encapsulated operations;
  • Full storage encryption;
  • Strong partnerships with our banking and payment service providers to ensure that at all times our operations are not interrupted;
  • EUR and USD client funds’ are kept with a custodian at a fully segregated account from the operational one;
  • All clients’ funds are never comingled and are always available for the users to withdraw.


System Security

  • Isolated servers at highly secure locations, only known to a handful of people in the Bitvalex’ organization;
  • All different processes are handled on separate servers;
  • Each component has an off-the-grid backup, which runs in real time and is completely isolated from the rest of the system;
  • Daily automatic back-up of all databases;
  • All sensitive data is encrypted;
  • PCI compliant servers for processing credit and debit card payments. All sensitive payment information is destroyed immediately after transaction authorization.
  • Protection against DDOS attacks;
  • A system that is infinitely scalable and prepared for any exponential spike in trading volume.