Security Recommendations

Secure your account access!

  • Create unique passwords - Use different passwords on each of your accounts – emails, exchange profiles, social media accounts, online banking etc.
  • Select a strong password - Create complex passwords with at least 6 symbols, using lower- and upper-case letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Enable 2-Factor Authentication - Enable 2-Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator or OTP (one-time password) SMS.


Don’t share!

  • Account credentials – Sharing is good but not when it comes to your Bitvalex account credentials – email, passwords, what type of 2FA you use etc.
  • Beware of identity theft - Mind where and what information you share with others offline and online. Scammers might try to impersonate you to gain access to your Bitvalex account, banking etc. The less you share, the harder it gets for them to steal your identity.


Check your account activity regularly!

  • If you notice suspicious activity, report it immediately to [email protected].We collect IP and browser information every time you log in. Check it regularly under “Profile”, “Login History” tab.


Use only verified channels and devices!

  • Use only verified devices - Never enter your account from an unverified device. Use only your personal computer, phone or tablet.
  • Keep in touch via the official channels - Do not believe anybody that claims to be part of Bitvalex Support Team. Should you have questions, get in touch with us via:

                   -  our support center in your “Profile” page;
                   -  our contact us form; or        
                   -  email at [email protected].

  • Beware of unsolicited messages from Bitvalex support - Stay up to date by checking:        
           -  our official website “News” page; or
           -  through the official social media channels: Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.
    If you receive an unsolicited email from us, make sure it comes from [email protected] and remember that we will never ask you about your account credentials.
  • Follow only official instructions - If you deposit crypto or fiat to Bitvalex, follow the instructions we give you on our “Funds” page. Do not send anything to an address or bank account, provided by a random individual or on a random page outside of Bitvalex’ website.
  • Don’t use unverified links - Never continue to website following an unverified link. Make sure you always access Bitvalex through HTTPS ( This means the connection between your browser and our website is secure and the data transfer is encrypted.