Cryptocurrency merchant payment gateway

 Accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and multiple other coins in your online store 

Conquer the World with Our Cryptocurrency Merchant Solution and Skyrocket Your Sales

The Bitvalex Merchant Payment Gateway Advantages

Increase Your Sales on a Global Scale

Start accepting payments with various digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Open your doors to a customer base from all parts of the world, as the number of crypto users is rising exponentially.

Instant Exchange and Payout to EUR and USD

Afraid of the high daily price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies? Don’t be! The exchange rate is fixed and you always receive what your goods and services cost in EUR or USD. You can get your hard-earned money via SEPA or SWIFT transfers directly to your bank account.

Highly Competitive Pricing

We do not charge you any set-up or hidden fees. We actually do not charge you any fees! Your clients bear a small commission, which is already integrated in the crypto-to-fiat exchange rate.

Forget about Refunds and Chargebacks

The irreversible nature of the Blockchain transactions means unmatched merchant protection. You get 100% guarantee against fraudulent chargebacks that are so prevalent with card payments. Only the US online industry loses $150bln each year – don’t be а part of the negative statistics!

We Want You All on Board

Start-ups, freelancers, airlines, hotels, high-risk merchants in e.g. tobacco, medical marijuana, adult entertainment, online dating and gaming industries etc., we got you covered! You do not have to worry about lengthy applications, fraudulent transactions and unjustifiably high costs.

Easy-to-integrate API

You can integrate our merchant payment processing solution with your website in no time, just follow our clear API documentation. Should there be any questions, our team is always ready to help!

The Blockchain technology brings with it secure and affordable payment services to businesses from all backgrounds and parts of the world!

Bitvalex’ merchant payment gateway will launch soon.
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