Crypto Payroll Processing

Exchange your crypto to fiat and pay your service providers, advisors, and affiliates

Settle All Your Outstanding Fiat Payments in No Time

Global coverage for all your payments

Tier-based competitive rates

Stay focused on your core activities

You have successfully launched your ICO? Then, you have probably accumulated a pretty good amount in cryptocurrencies. However, the bills, rent, providers of marketing and legal services and many of your employees are waiting to get paid in fiat every month.

We understand that processing the crypto-to-fiat payments is a major concern and a major challenge for each ICO given the current regulatory environment. Banks run away on hearing “cryptocurrencies”, “Bitcoin” or “ICO” and even if you manage to open an account, the threat of being shut down any time just never subsides. But don’t worry, we know the drill and we are here for you!

Having managed the increasing payroll of many established ICO companies from the top 100 list, we would like to help you too. Focus on your development and growth and leave this crucial but non-core activity to us!

We can practically settle your fiat payments in all major currencies (e.g. EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, RUB), while our rates are extremely competitive and you can also benefit from economies of scale.

Bitvalex’ merchant payment gateway will launch soon.
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