Bitvalex Prepaid Card

(coming soon)

Tied to your Bitvalex digital wallet, the prepaid card provides a true banking alternative

Spend Your Crypto Anywhere Anytime

Are you a frequent traveller or have you just moved to another country, struggling with opening a bank account? Do you own Bitcoin and other digital assets or are you simply tired of the traditional banking? Then, look no further!

  • No need to have a bank account
  • EUR-denominated Mastercard
  • Plastic - perfect for ATM withdrawals and offline shopping anywhere in the world
  • Virtual - for online purchases
  • Have your funds available for spending within minutes
  • Worldwide delivery of your card

5 Easy Steps

  • Sign up
  • Get verified
  • Order your card
  • Top up your account
  • Start spending

Bitvalex Prepaid Debit Card Features

Easy Top-Up

Charge your card balance with any digital asset that we support and you are ready to spend your crypto within minutes.

Funds Security

3D protection against fraudulent unauthorized use over the Internet.

Accepted anywhere

With a global coverage, you can pay at your local store or for your online purchases in EUR, USD or any other currency.

Withdraw Cash at an ATM

If you need cash in the local currency, you can simply withdraw money at any ATM anywhere in the world.

Exchange at Payment

We will exchange your crypto to fiat money only at the point of the transaction at a favourable rate.

No Hidden Fees

Whether you make a payment at POS or withdraw money at an ATM, we do not charge you any additional fees.

Bitvalex Prepaid Debit Card Fees

Price 14.99 EUR 1.99 EUR
Delivery Free, 5-9 business days Free, Instant
Card activation Free Free
Monthly service charge fee 1.80 EUR 1.80 EUR
Card load fee 0.75% 0.75%
ATM Withdrawal in the EU/outside the EU 2% min 2.00 EUR / 3% min 5.00 EUR -
POS fee in the EU/outside the EU 0.00% / 0.80% 0.00% / 0.80%
Currency exchange 2.50% 2.50%
* The prepaid card is denominated in EUR and it can only be loaded with EUR. You can load the card with the EUR you receive in exchange for any supported cryptocurrency on Bitvalex.

The Bitvalex prepaid debit card brings cryptocurrencies to your everyday live and essentially makes having a bank account obsolete!